Business Operates Inefficiently and With High Overhead and Operating Costs

Business Operates Inefficiently and with High Overhead and Operating Costs

  • Are the time cards, expense records and requisitions systems maintained and updated timely and accurately?
  • Do the personnel require excessive paper shuffling?
  • Is valuable time of company’s employees wasted in search of paper forms which get lost in work flow process?
  • Do HR and accounting staff spend time re-entering data into their systems that has already been created in another form?
  • Is updated and accessible information available to sales and customer service personnel?
  • Does the company’s need automated billing and invoicing processes to reduce administrative tasks for employees?
  • Is excessive time is consumed of HR managers’ by getting basic information services?
  • Can the employees review their benefits and payment information online?
  • Vacations and time cards should be entered in the systems?
  • Can the managers review training, compensation and performance history easily?
  • Does the HR staff receive excessive calls and emails for basic information?
  • Do employees have access to system to review and update contact, emergency and other basic data by themselves?
  • Is there an uncertainty where to post job openings and make them available to internal candidates?
  • Do the hiring managers find it difficult to review internal and external applicant status for posted jobs?
  • Are the purchasing requisitions uncoordinated and difficult to audit?
  • Are the company’s cost control methods inefficient?
  • Can the management team access the system to review the updated purchasing reports?
  • Can managers create alert classifications to stay on top of the business processes that demand more attention?
  • Is the cost involved in projects managed efficiently and can the employees’ access time and expense reports online?
  • Can managers monitor the billing processes to reduce billing cycle times and improvement for cash flow?
  • Is there uncertainty about how managers review and approve time cards daily?
  • Is invoice send to customers on time?
  • Is the cash flow performance turning to expectations?

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