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Biggest Hacks in 2020

Worldwide losses from cybercrime skyrocketed to nearly $1 trillion in 2020. That’s more than the net worth of most countries.Run a quick search and you’ll be surprised at how many hacks occur every week. Modern security is the best it has ever been. Unfortunately, hackers are motivated to be one step ahead of all of us. Breaches resulting in credit card information hacked by the millions are quite common. Even the pandemic hasn’t slowed them down. According to zdnet.com, the switch to businesses using remote employees has changed the hacking landscape. In 2020, up to 20% of all cybersecurity attacks…

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Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?


Should’ve seen it coming… You’ve invested in a BDR and now sleep more soundly at night, but the hardware itself is really only part of the solution. You want to ensure your provider does preventative maintenance, periodic testing, multi-location storage, and staff training. Having a thorough Disaster Recovery Plan in place will help avoid downtime if the worst happens. Preventative Maintenance This is a vital step in implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan. In addition to the hardware itself, a solid backup solution also has its own backup including generators, backup batteries, cooling systems, fire detection, suppression systems, and redundant cloud…

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Why is Backup Disaster Recovery Vital to Your Business?


Backup Disaster Recovery is one of those things that all businesses need to have in case of disaster. Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a tornado, a hardware failure, or even an attack from a hacker. Anyone of these could permanently disable your business if you don’t prepare or have a proper backup plan. For those of you still backing up data manually on tapes or *cringe* not at all, here are some reasons why you need a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution and should stop tuning out potential disasters. Is Data Loss Really That Common? First of all,…

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8 Threats to Small Businesses in 2021

threats to small businesses

We still see the same scene in horror movies: the main character runs into the house, slams the door, locks the deadbolt and sighs in relief, no threats in sight — but somehow the killer still sneaks up and attacks them from behind! If you own a small business you just might find yourself in a similar situation. Small business owners spend large amounts of time and resources physically protecting their operations. Just to let the most dangerous threats sneak in through the figurative back door. Today we’re going to talk about the 8 biggest security threats to small business…

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Breaches – Are you on a Hacker’s watchlist?

Here’s an alarming statistic for Small Business owners: 65% of cyber-attacks are aimed at small to medium businesses.  If you’re a small business owner, you’re aware that your company might be vulnerable to attacks by hackers. Even if they haven’t found a way to break into your system yet, you can be sure someone is trying to find a way to steal your precious data. Hackers enjoy a challenge, to a point. If they can’t crack your system the first time, it’s more than likely that they’ll keep trying.  If they can’t get in they’ll eventually go away, but that…

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Password Identity Theft – Confidential Computing

When it comes to staying safe online, keeping your password safe and secure is essential! Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure you are computing with cyber security in mind. Today, we’ll be looking at how you can stay safe when using your devices to browse the internet; from tablets to desktops and laptops, our confidential computing tips will help you to stay safe when using your computer. Cybersecurity – Why It’s Important Cybersecurity is hugely important if you engage with any sort of Internet content on your tablets, desktops, or laptops. This is especially…

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Managing Your Cash Flow

Unless you run a non-profit entity, the point of just about every business is to make money. Ironically, for many companies, especially small businesses, this is the easy part. The hard part is keeping thatmoney. Between paying vendors, purchasing supplies and materials, paying employees, and even yourself, you may find your balance sheet just breaking even. But is this the best way to do business?  Before we get started, just remember that we are not financial or tax experts. So, make sure to speak with your accountant or financial department before making any changes.  Balancing the Books  Unless you are a publicly traded corporation, small businesses often like to zero out at the end…

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New Year, New Budget for 2021


Making money is great, but there’s something even better than that — saving money! Anybody who knows anything about business can tell you that keeping the money you have earned is a lot more tricky than you’d imagined. Not to worry, that’s where a budget for 2021 comes into play. As we head into the oncoming year, a lot of us are planning our business evaluation and the budget for new year. While this is a normal process that all businesses go through, 2020 has been anything but ordinary. Although it has been challenging for many, we are in a great position to make changes that can result in a profitable 2021.   In this week’s blog, we will discuss how to make the most of the recent changes we’ve been experiencing. The goal is to get at least some benefit from…

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Is a Virtual Workforce Secure?

virtual workforce - secure

Five years ago, setting up an employee to work remotely was a huge task. Five years from now it will simply be business as usual. Today, with the right technology, it can be seamless. Some studies show that doing so may even increase productivity by about 13%. When the pandemic forced employers like you to provide options for employees to work remote, you may have had had to cobble together some solution or rely on employees personal equipment just to get things going. Now that long-term (or permanent) remote work is the reality, it’s time to consider best practices for…

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Are Your Cookies Safe?

Are Cookies Safe

The holiday season is upon us and we have many things to look forward to — even if this year will be a little bit different than others. This time of year the things that come to mind include: family, holiday festivities, and of course cookies! As a Managed Service Provider, people often ask us, are cookies safe? But we’re not talking about the kind of cookies your grandma bakes for you. In technological terms, cookies typically pop up on your internet browser. They track and store data in the deep corners of your hard drive. With lots of controversy…

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