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8 Ways to Identify True Cloud Software

Even after you’ve identified what seems to be a viable cloud ERP solution for your company, be aware that not all cloud solutions are created equal. Many fall short by not offering a feature or characteristic that’s easy to overlook.   Here are eight things your cloud ERP solution must offer:   1. Full functionality and reporting offered on common mobile devices as well as on the desktop.  Don’t settle for one of the many solutions that only offer a scaled-down app for mobile users.   2. Personalization.  You should be free to customize your dashboards, reports, and workspaces to the needs and preferences of…

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4 Ways the Cloud Can Help Distribution Companies

Why does the cloud have so much upside? Because when cloud technology is deployed to its full potential, it can remove the biggest obstacles to productivity at all levels of your business. The right cloud solution can do this in four ways.   1. Delivering broad and deep functionality  Companies are doing business in a highly complex environment. Yes, other businesses also must perform accounting functions, deliver cost estimates, manage their work forces, and so on. But companies with distribution operations also need a wide range of specific functionality. This makes sense when you consider that most enterprise resource planning (ERP)…

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Prepare your business for the “Cloud Generation”


Technology trends track much faster today than in the past. When the telephone first came on the scene, it took 75 years to get 50 million people to adopt it. It took 13 years for that same number of people to embrace television. The Internet took only four years. The Angry Birds app? 35 days. A month may be a stretch, but onboarding newtechnologiesis happening much more quickly. 2016 will definitely see the rise of the Cloud Generation. Advanced analytics and big data are gaining traction. 3-D printers are being used in manufacturing and production. Mobile is ubiquitous.And companies are…

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