Compliance Issues

  • You have to do compliance reporting, OSHA 300/301, VETS 100, and COBRA Notification Letters. Your method of tracking this is inefficient. It is difficult to produce required information upon request, and you need to generate different kinds of reports today. You are unable to answer questions quickly upon request, based on accurate and concrete data. It takes too long to access and compile that information.
  • You manually track resumes and applications, but you receive many and it takes too much time to review
    them and look back for information amongst applicants. It is too difficult to match skill sets with job requisitions, and the method the hiring manager uses to get the information he/she needs is inefficient.You are not very confident that you could quickly react to a hiring audit and prove EEO and ADA compliance. You do not track skills and knowledge on existing employees so as to ensure fair consideration for new position opportunities within the organization.
  • Your approach to managing discipline, either progressively, with track points, a manual or automated process, or some other method, is inefficient. You are not very confident that this process is consistent across the company and able to withstand investigation/lawsuits.
  • You do not have a separation process, or, if you do, it is not a consistent process. You have forgotten a step before, and correcting yourself took too much time and costed too much money (e.g. Cobra, extra pay or benefits, etc.) People involved in the separation processes do not know what to do and when. You are not very confident that this process is consistent across the company and able to withstand investigation/lawsuits (prove fair discharge, etc.)
  • You do not track employee skills, training, and certifications in a central place. You do not have recertification requirements. It is difficult for you to ensure your employees are current on required certifications (would not apply to all industries – e.g. CPR at daycare, or valied driver’s license with trucking company, etc.)

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