Cost Managing Field Operations

  • It is challenging to schedule the appropriate technician.
  • It requires the service manager or dispatcher to know the skill level and experience of each technician.
  • Uncertain to determine the best person.
  • The wrong person has been sent out.
  • They do get sent back.
  • It has cost much.
  • Much time has been wasted.
  • Unknown time delayed in getting the problem resolved.
  • It is difficult to manage spare parts and to know where they are located.
  • They are often unaccounted for.
  • Uncertain how to manage truck stock inventory.
  • It is difficult to track parts, labor and expense detail.
  • It is done manually.
  • You have multiple systems to update.
  • it takes much time.The information is not up to date.
  • It is incorrect.
  • The result has been uncertain.
  • Information is scattered.
  • You cannot get detailed information on costs.
  • Uncertain technician utilization.
  • Uncertain returns and repairs.
  • Unknown impact.
  • You have to manually track returns.
  • Uncertain how you check to see if it is eligible to return to the original manufacturer.
  • You have lost money in the past because you did not know it was eligible.
  • You have provided repairs and returns that were not covered.
  • You have lost much.
  • The return is ever lost.
  • Duplicated.
  • It has cost you.
  • It is difficult to track to see if certain items are consistently being returned.
  • Or have been returned before.
  • You find out after the fact when reports are run.
  • You could have prevented problems.
  • It is time consuming and costly to manage returns.
  • Uncertain how many people you have managing returns.
  • Uncertain time spent just answering questions about returns.
  • It is difficult to maintain detailed costing at each depot station.
  • You have to guess on the cost from labor, material and the parts used to repair them.
  • You are far off.

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