Declining Market Share

  • It is difficult to access and research customer demographics for developing promotions and campaigns, and your approach to determining which promotions or campaigns to put together is complex and often ineffective. On average, you spend a lot on promotion/campaign.
  • It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and your current approach to that process is inefficient. You cannot measure success by region and/or rep, and it is difficult to keep track of how many campaigns you run. The average cost is too high, while success rates remain low. On average, you do not gain many leads per campaign or much revenue money.
  • Follow-up on leads is ineffective, and it takes too long to route the leads today. The average amount of time spent between the time the rep receives the lead to the time he/she follows up is too long, and leads get lost often. Sometimes, you don’t even know when they are lost.
  • You face the issue of declining customer satisfaction, and your current customer satisfaction rating is low. Your customer attrition rate is too low as well. Customers are unhappy because they have to repeat themselves every time they call in, and it takes a long time to get issues resolved.
  • Customers are frustrated because they don’t get the right products delivered on time, and there is no follow-up by the company right after they buy.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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