Difficult Managing Cash Flow

  • It is difficult to manage spare parts and to know where they are located.
  • They are often unaccounted for.
  • You manage truck stock inventory.
  • It is difficult to track parts, labor and expense detail.
  • It is done manually.
  • You have multiple systems to update.
  • It takes much time.
  • Information is not up to date.
  • It is incorrect.
  • The result is unknown.
  • Information is scattered.
  • You cannot get detailed information on costs.
  • Unknown technician utilization.
  • Unknown returns and repairs.
  • Unknown impact.
  • It is cumbersome managing contracts.
  • Uncertain whether finished within a day.
  • Need Excel spreadsheets.
  • Need paper contracts in folders.
  • Need to calculate pricing for each contract.
  • Need to create bills and invoices.
  • Need to make adjustments often.
  • You determine how profitable a contract is.
  • Need to know when to renew.
  • For how much to renew.
  • You manually create invoices.
  • Service department create the invoice and accounting re-key the information.
  • It takes time.
  • There are errors.
  • You manually manage credits to see what the item sold for.
  • You have to pull up old invoices.
  • It delay credits.
  • Credits sometimes get applied incorrectly.
  • Customers get upset.

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