Difficulty Knowing Cash Position and Managing Cash Flow

  • It is difficult to see cash position and cash flow.
  • Uncertain how you will do today.
  • There’s no drill down capabilities.
  • You need to add up current and projected financials manually.
  • It takes long.
  • Accuracy is uncertain.
  • It is difficult to track and compare budgets.
  • Uncertain how you will do it.
  • You need to manually compare printed budgets.
  • You cannot view them on line.
  • Uncertain to think how accurate comparisons are.
  • Reporting is cumbersome.
  • Need to export information to excel to run queries.
  • Cannot see summary data.
  • Cannot drill down on detail.
  • Need to track dates to post.
  • Need to make payments.
  • Uncertain how you will do it.
  • You forget to post or make payments.
  • Impact unknown.
  • You are not able to see purchase detail or summary for vendors.
  • You need to manually add each transaction and purchases.
  • It takes long
  • You do not set credits limits for customers.
  • You manually set up credit limits.
  • Customers often go beyond their credit limit.
  • Impact unknown.
  • It has caused high receivables.
  • Bad debt write offs.
  • You manually track cash flow by customer and balances.
  • Non-sufficient funds and finance charges are also tracked manually.
  • It takes time.
  • You have to manually type letters and correspondences to customers.
  • Uncertain known amount of time to be spend.
  • You do not have a way to automatically prompt you about certain events or activities.
  • Uncertain as to how you will do it today.
  • Uncertain outlook.
  • Uncertain calendar.
  • You have missed deadlines.
  • You have been unaware of overdue payments.
  • Uncertain results.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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