Difficulty Maintaining Accurate Data and Reporting Models


  • After data has been entered in GL, need to manually map your GL structure to the one used in the corporate reporting model?
  • How much time does it take? Are there errors? Once mapping is complete, do you have to manually re-enter data from your GL?
  • Need to manually re-enter key data from your sub sites into your corporate reporting model?
  • Do users at remote sites re-enter data from local systems?
  • How long does it take? Are there errors? What has been the impact of inconsistent data?
  • Difficult to maintain an updated reporting model? How changes are made to the model? Add a new reporting unit? Change a formula?
  • Manually make those changes everywhere in the model? How much time does it take? Are there errors?
  • Some places missed? It gets changed differently in different places? What has been the impact?
  • Communicate changes in the reporting model to all reporting sites?
  • When you receive data from lower level reporting sites, how do you upload them to the main site? How do you distribute reports to different reporting sites? Is it a manual process?
  • How long does it take? Does everyone get the reports needed on time? If not, what is the impact?
  • Local sites need to maintain an additional reporting model for their local reporting? Do you require a build up of chart of accounts and reports different to the ones for corporate reporting?
  • Often need to change reporting model, such as reporting structures? Need to consolidate and/or eliminate according to different structures?
  • How much time does it take? Are they ever made incorrectly? Or not in a timely matter? What has been the consequence?


  • Eliminate the manual mapping and data entry and reduce time and errors?
  • Reduce time and errors during data capture?
  • Maintain the model in one place, eliminating all manual corrections and ensuring the accuracy in your reporting model?
  • ll changes to the reporting model are available online to all reporting sites immediately?
  • Reduce the time spent on maintaining separate reporting models?
  • Reduce time and errors in updating your reporting model?

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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