Difficulty Maintaining Reporting Models and Accurate Data from GL

  • After your data has been entered in your GL, you need to manually map your GL structure to the one used in the Corporate reporting model. This takes too much time and there are errors. Once mapping is complete, you have to manually re-enter data from your GL.
  • It is difficult for you to maintain an updated reporting model. You cannot make changes to the model, add a new reporting unit, or change a formula, or if you do have to manually make those changes everywhere in the model. It takes too much time and there are errors-you miss some places, it gets changed differently in different places, and there has been a negative impact.
  • You cannot communicate changes in the reporting model to all reporting sites, or the method you use to do so is inefficient. When you receive data from lower-level reporting sites, you upload them to the main site inefficiently. It is a manual process which takes too long. Not everyone gets the reports needed on time, and this has a negative impact.
  • Local sites need to maintain an additional reporting model for their local reporting. You require a build-up of chart of accounts and reports different to the ones for corporate reporting.
  • You often need to change your reporting model, such as reporting structures. You need to consolidate and/or eliminate according to different structures. This takes too much time and sometimes errors are made, with negative consequences.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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