Failure to Meet Forecast

  • Manufacturing failed to meet demand.
  • Unknown orders per month missed their promised date.
  • Your current system does not have the ability to calculate valid ship (capable to ship) dates at the time of order entry.
  • How many times do you ask manufacturing to expedite orders.
  • It is because an engineering change in the order delayed shipment.
  • Cannot currently see what impact a change order will have in your scheduling.
  • There are bottlenecks in your process.
  • Shipping
  • QC
  • Lack of customer self service ability.
  • Unknown methods your customers use to place orders.
  • It is because you don’t have visibility to your customer’s demands (Supply Chain Visibility)
  • It is because your customers are demanding you work with them in different ways.
  • You have lost customers because you can’t meet their business requirements.
  • There are customers you can’t sell to because of their requirements.
  • Customer orders cause disruption on your processes.
  • Unknown how many orders are custom.
  • You have to work manually with an engineer to configure a custom order.
  • Unknown how long before you can respond to the customer with price & potential ship date.
  • You don’t have real-time visibility into your Actual vs. Forecast vs. Budget.
  • Unknown information you require to make corrective decisions.
  • This information is not easily available.
  • Sales and Marketing efforts arent’ tied to manufacturing.
  • Unknown kind of advance notice manufacturing gets.
  • Unknown how you handle large orders on quotes.
  • Manufacturing complains about spikes in orders due to marketing/sales campaigns.
  • It happens often.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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