General Ledger Out of Balance


  • Lot of time taken to update the general ledger with journal entries / transactions?
  • How do you do it today?
  • Enter separate transactions into general ledger and Bank Reconciliation file to track cash?
  • Is it manual? Does that cause errors?
  • It is difficult to reconcile accounts and multiple checkbooks?
  • Is there need to keep another form of books, such as excel, to make sure the data is correct?
  • How much time does that take? Are there inconsistencies?
  • Need to make manual adjustments to the general ledger for adjustments?
  • Need to enter multiple transactions? How much time does it take? Are there errors?
  • Manually update the general ledger accounts when there are transactions made in purchasing.
  • Difficulty knowing cash position and managing cash flow?
  • Difficulty understanding the business?


  • Reduce the time and errors of managing journal entries?
  • Eliminate the time and errors in duplicate entry?
  • Reduce time and errors in reconciling accounts?
  • Reduce the time and errors to post to the general ledger?
  • Reduce the time and errors of re-entering the information in the general ledger?

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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