High Costs to Operate the Store

  • Unknown how much you write of-of shrinkage.
  • Unknown how much is a result of employee or internal theft.
  • You are experiencing poor inventory management/spoilage.
  • High inventory costs.
  • You turn your inventory often.
  • Some merchandise doesn’t move.
  • You have been ordering the wrong mix of merchandise.
  • It is taking up valuable shelf space.
  • You are experiencing high labor costs.
  • Lengthy training time associated with turnover rates contribute to labor costs.
  • Unknown how you currently manage seasonal hiring.
  • It takes long to get someone trained.
  • The part-time or seasonal employees make more errors.
  • High cost of merchandise.
  • Unknown how much you think you are overpaying.
  • It is because you are not aware of vendor promotion.
  • Purchasing is not negotiating discounts.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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