Inability to Direct Financial Management to Support the Focus on Service to Membership & Community

  • Managing future commitments is too difficult.
  • The way you forecast anticipated expenses today is difficult.
  • Your forecasts tend to include inaccuracies.
  • The reporting mechanism you have to highlight future commitments does not work well.
  • You do not have a special commitment budget.
  • You often commit to spending above your budget level.
  • None or not enough steps are taken for implementing corrections.
  • Your financial managers do not have all the information they need in order to generate and authorize requisitions.
  • They do not generally feel they are in control of budgets.
  • Competition for available funds from donors, granters, and members is intense, and it is difficult to demonstrate your clear focus on the organizational mission to these people.
  • Your donors have not given you any feedback on their perception of your operation and its financial management.
  • You do not know how your financial management compares to that of the organizations that are looking to the same funding sources.
  • You are not getting the best sort of return on your technology investments.
  • Too large a portion of your budget is consumed by administration and other overhead, as opposed to activities in pursuit of the organizational mission.
  • You have recently lost significant donors.
  • Financial management technology does not adjust to the way the organization works.
  • Your financial management system does not integrate with other applications.
  • Your current system is too old.
  • Users do not find it easy to learn and operate.
  • Your current system does not accommodate larger numbers of users or transactions well.
  • Your current technology cannot adapt to changing regulations, increasing membership, or other requirements.
  • Your IT resources are not working completely on their own, and they do not have partner expertise available to them.
  • Software solutions specifically developed for your needs are unavailable.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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