Inaccurate Receivables

  • Your process of entering in a sales document with a payment schedule is manual.
  • You currently have to enter a sales invoice with a payment schedule as multiple invoices.
  • There are errors made in entering these multiple invoices, causing receivables to be inaccurate. Your AR aging is inaccurate.
  • You have a manual process of entering in revenue deferral transactions or using recurring entry transactions.
  • Transactions are missed, not recognizing revenue when they should.
  • You have transactions in which the receivable is recorded in one month but the revenue is recognized in a different month or months.
  • Monthly journal entries do not recognize revenue and expense.
  • Subsequent journal entries are done to correctly recognize revenue and expense.
  • You have to manually create a debit memo in Receivables Management, create a vendor record in Payables Management, enter a debit memo in payables, and create a payment on the debit memo.
  • You are wasting time.
  • You are missing transactions.
  • You could potentially issue the debit in Receivables Management but forget to create the applicable transactions in Payables Management, and therefore the customer does not receive the refund.
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