Low competitiveness and poor ability to respond to demand: It is difficult to control and manage improvements or even dependable consistency of product quality

In the conference room are meeting: Christian (CFO), Peter (Production Manager), Simon (Sales Manager), Irene (IT Manager), and Paul (Purchasing Manager).

The Agenda title:

Low competitiveness and poor ability to respond to demand

Although it varies from company to company, you might want to examine the following:

  • How do you test for product and component quality today? How do you report on the results of these tests?
  • How do you communicate engineering changes and the need for different qualities in materials and components to your suppliers and business partners?
  • What are the channels for making improvements to products and processes? Do you encourage continuous improvement and innovation?
  • Is it expensive or disruptive to implement engineering changes to products?
  • What level of quality do your customers require you to deliver? How effective are you at meeting the required quality levels?
  • Are there any industry standards for quality that you need to comply with? How do you manage such compliance? What has the track record been? Have you had to make any compliance-related adjustments to your materials planning and manufacturing?

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