Meeting Customer Service Goals

  • Inability to meet customer demands.
  • You frequently have blanket orders and stockouts.
  • Often.
  • You do not have the ability to substitute.
  • Order Desk is taking orders for items that are not available.
  • They cannot use the status of items on PO.
  • Unknown quantity of missed/wrong shipments.
  • Unknown known cancelled orders you might have.
  • Customers demanding you match competitor’s pricing.
  • Inability to meet customer shipping requirements.
  • Your order entry team cannot accurately quote available/capable to promise date.
  • Cannot categorize top customers to have priority over inventory.
  • Cannot handle blanket orders.
  • Re-curring orders.
  • Poor product quality.
  • Many returns are attributed to poor quality.
  • You do QC in receiving.
  • Cannot capture/track item quality by vendors.
  • You have to handle product recalls.
  • Unknown number of recalls you have per year.
  • Need multi level recall capabilities.
  • You quarantine products.
  • You have dated stock/expiring inventory.
  • Special needs zoned stock (refrigerated, frozen, and hazardous).

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