Missed Ship Dates

  • Estimated ship dates are inaccurate, so a high percentage of orders miss their ship dates. This is costing you too much in shipping costs, canceled orders, and customer satisfaction. Your sales department do not have the ability to see forecasted ship dates while entering an order.
  • Changes in orders are not communicated in a timely manner. Often times, changes occur after the item has been put in production. Your method of recalculating the impact of those changes across your schedule is inefficient.
  • Visibility into production is poor. You cannot see the real-time status of an order that is in production. Your sales department is taking orders for special order/custom items using standard item lead times. A significant percentage of your items are custom, and your salesperson has to consult with an engineer or production manager to commit to shipment and pricing. It takes too long to commit back to the customer.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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