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Old-fashioned OTC processes have issues that cost big bucks. They often lack detailed inventory information, delay invoices, or don’t integrate with other important systems. These small inefficiencies prevent you from growing your business.

Reduce the time spent on redundant or incorrect information. Improve your client satisfaction and increase your cash flow with our OTC specialists. One client saw their average order processing time go from 43 minutes to a mere 11 seconds after consulting with our OTC experts.

What is Sales Order Processing?

Sales order processing is a series of actions that a business uses to fulfill a customer purchase. Today, sales order processing is often supported by technology, which warrants each contact on the seller’s side (from billing to production and logistics) has the needed information to accomplish a customer order efficiently.

Clicking “buy” on a website or calling in an order initiates a complex chain of interactions that involves different departments. Despite the complexity of the process and bulk of orders that a seller handles, customers expect their purchases to be delivered fast.
To thoroughly understand sales order processing, we need to look at the sales order itself, its purpose, and its relationship to other order documents.

What is a Sales Order?

A sales order is an explicit agreement between seller and buyer concerning the delivery of items or the supply of services. 

Having a timely delivered sales order makes you reliable in the market. It is your primary responsibility to customers to deliver orders on time. Also, the delivery process should be trouble-free, making it an overwhelming experience for customers doing business again with you.
The sales order validates the terms of a business between a buyer and a seller. The seller produces the request, in response to a purchase order. The seller may send this document to the customer or use it only for internal use. The sales order covers the quantity, price, delivery time frame, and more.

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