Pick and Pack Structure

ASN Principle

The ASN arrangement will be created based on the type of items you are shipping and how you are shipping them. Let’s talk about two kinds of ASN designs:

  •  Standard Pack 
  •  Pick and Pack

Standard Pack Structure

For one type of item in a carton shipment, a Standard Pack method would work for you! This type tells the buyer that they will be receiving PURE cartons (each carton contains one kind of item). In the chart below, you’ll see that each container only has one product type to communicate in a Standard ASN. The same goes for a Standard Pallet. If you ship a kind of item on pallets, then a Standard Pallet would be the way to go.

The Pack level is secondary to the Item level. Included within the Pack level is the UCC128 barcode number.

Standard Pack labeling usually uses a GTIN-14. The GTIN-14 is for the Pack hierarchy. The GS1-128 label is for the Tare hierarchy.

  • Pick and Pack Structure

For a mixture of items shipping, use a Pick and Pack method. This type can include either PURE cartons OR MIXED cartons. The chart below shows that one pack contains two different items, which could be communicated in a Pick and Pack ASN. A Pallet Pick and Pack works the same way: if you’re shipping mixed cartons on a pallet, this is the way to go.

In this type of formation, the item level information is secondary to the packaging level. The identification of the item is always within the shipment container defined by the pack level. You can use this method when different items are packed within the same shipping container.

Pick and Pack Labeling must use GS1- 128 in the Pack hierarchy. Pallet (Tare) level GS1-128 label can be used with the ASN Tare hierarchy. It depends upon the EDI stipulations of the trading partner.

 Advantages of ASN and GS1-128 to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) supply network process:

  •  ASN and GS1-128 label (known before as UCC-128 label) will give a link to the original PO sent by your client, trading partner.
  • Executing GS1-128 labels with your client or trading partner is not just a best business practice; it will also assist all shipping and receiving processes. With this said, it will lead to a faster Order to Cash cycle for your business.
  • Automation of the supply network with the use of ASN and GS1-128 labels will decrease your manual labor costs and help lessen errors.
  • All ASN and GS1-128 standard labels are global – this reduces complication from global suppliers regarding the product details, weights, and quantities.
  • ASN and GS1-128 standard labels apply to the entire supply network. From supplier’s material to manufacturer to distributor/Seller to end-user/buyer.
  • You can use the ASN and GS1-128 labels for both inter and intra-company transactions.

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