Lack of connection and collaboration between people, processes, and information: Processes are not integrated with in manufacturing and manufacturing is not connected well with other lines if business

In the conference room are meeting: Christian (CFO), Irene (IT Manager), Paul (Purchasing Manager),
Peter (Production Manager), and Enrique (Engineering Manager)

The Agenda title:

Lack of connection and collaboration between people, processes, and information

Although it varies from company to company, you might want to examine the following:

    • How do you link sales data and manufacturing planning? How well is that working?
  • Is your human resource management connected to manufacturing resource planning?
  • How do your sales people become aware of the product options they can offer to customers? How easy is it to find and communicate that information?
  • Is your service organization connected to manufacturing and inventory information? Can they make commitments pertaining to product availability, manufactured quantities, and shipping times?
  • Is it easy to track and identify incoming materials?Is material requirements planning integrated into manufacturing operations? Is it directly tied to inventory information?
  • Do you ever run out of needed inventory? How do inventory management and manufacturing work together? Do you occasionally run into delays because there are outages, and products cannot be delivered as planned? How do your customers respond to such contingencies?

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