Can’t take business to the next level with confidence: Return on investment in the business management systems may be low, and takes a long time to be realized

In the conference room are meeting: Clifford (CEO), Christian (CFO), Irene (IT Manager),
Simon (Sales Manager), Paul (Purchasing Manager), and Peter (Production Manager)

The Agenda title:

Can’t take business to the next level with confidence

Although it varies from company to company, you might want to examine the following:

  • What areas of the business would you want most to benefit from a new business management system?
  • Do you have a list of operational or financial goals that you want to accomplish with a new system?
  • Have you reviewed business management systems that offer capabilities you don’t need today, but maybe in the future?
  • Does company ownership want to see reduced costs of technology ownership?
  • Do you have a need to improve your control over critical business areas, such as finance management?
  • Are you anticipating any sort of user reluctance toward accepting a new software solution?
  • Do you have a plan to make implementation of a new business management system minimally disruptive to employee productivity?

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