Risk Non-Compliance

  • You do not have support for multiple types of pay. You need to classify multiple types of pay as the same type, i.e. hourly if using paid time off, etc. This makes it difficult to get detail on type of pay.
  • You need to setup multiple types of deductions/benefits as the same type. This makes it difficult to get detail on type of deductions/benefits.
  • You need to manually update tax tables as new rates are released from the Federal or State. This takes too much time, and sometimes there are errors. This has had a negative impact and has resulted in incorrect payroll taxes.
  • You have to manually track the data and creation of government reports. Your method of tracking workman’s compensation is inefficient. You need third-party software to be compliant, and reports are sometimes late and/or incorrect, resulting in a negative impact.
  • Reporting is time-consuming and cumbersome. You lack drill down capabilities. You need to create reports manually and this takes too much time.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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