Sage 300 2021 – Upgrade Guide

This Upgrade Guide provides instructions for upgrading earlier versions of System Manager and applications to Sage 300 2021. You should review the following sections carefully to ensure that the upgrade proceeds smoothly:

• Minimum System Requirements
• Version Compatibility
• Upgrading from Version 5.5 or Earlier
• Applying for Activation Codes
• Before Upgrading to Sage 300 2021
• Upgrade Steps
• After Activating
• Configuring Sage 300 Web Screens

You should refer to the Sage 300 2021 Release Notes for information about changes and new features in this version and supplementary information and information that was not available when this Upgrade Guide was published.

If you are using Sage CRM with Sage 300, refer to the Sage CRM Integration Guide for system requirements and instructions on integrating Sage CRM with Sage 300.

Depending on your purchase agreement, some features described in this guide may not be available in your product.

System Requirements
The information in this section was current when we released Sage 300 2021. If you do not find the information you need, see the Compatibility Guide: https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?externalId=26777

Server and Workstation Requirements
For a complete and up-to-date list of hardware and operating system requirements for workstations and servers, see the Compatibility Guide:

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