Supply Chain and Operations Management Glossary (J)

Jake brake: A feature of some truck engines, so that the engine, rather than the conventional brakes, can be used to slow down the truck. This saves wear on the brakes. The engine tends to be very noisy when used as a Jake brake. Thus, some communities prohibit the use of Jake brakes.

JIT (Just In Time): A form of inventory management in which product is transported in small batches, so that very little inventory is carried because components are delivered just as they are needed. See base stock.

JIT-II: A style of business coordination, initiated at Bose, whereby a firm’s suppliers and carriers have a full time representative at the firm to coordinate the supply process.

Joint-product: one of two or more products (e.g., skim milk and cream) produced by a single production rocess. See also by-product.

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