High Receivables

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You do not set up credit limits for customers, or you manually set up credit limits. Customers often go beyond their limit. There is a negative impact – it has caused high receivables and bad debt write offs. You manually track cash flow by customer and balances. Non-sufficient funds and finance charges are also trackedContinue Reading

Inaccurate Receivables

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Your process of entering in a sales document with a payment schedule is manual. You currently have to enter a sales invoice with a payment schedule as multiple invoices. There are errors made in entering these multiple invoices, causing receivables to be inaccurate. Your AR aging is inaccurate. You have a manual process of enteringContinue Reading

Receivables too high

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AP and AR trial balances need to be manually reviewed to determine the net balance for entities that are both a customer and a vendor. Payments are made to vendors who are also customers and who actually owe the company money. You have to enter in transactions to clear the AR or AP balance andContinue Reading