The Order of Things: Day End Processing

As we continue to explore the Inventory Control module in Sage 300 ERP, this week’s blog is going to outline the order that Day End Processing takes once you run it.

The main purpose of Day End Processing (DEP) is to move a lot of processing away from data

You would use DEP to update your Inventory Control data, the transaction and audit data for Order Entry and Purchase Orders.

When you post Inventory Control transactions, the program always updates the affected item quantities in your system, so you always know what you have in stock.

Also, there is a certain order that DEP goes through when it is run, which is:

• Receipts both OE, IC and PO (DEP always looks to PO first to make sure there is nothing
received in inventory that hasn’t been costed yet.)
• Assemblies
• Transfers
• Adjustments
• Shipments

Also, reports (statistics, movement, valuation, etc.) are all updated during Day End Processing.

Note that if a shipment is posted, then a receipt is added after the shipment, but before Day End is processed, Day End will process the Receipt cost calculation first, then determine the Shipment Cost. When you do run DEP, it will show the true cost of that transaction.

And DEP is all about timing. If you have people entering receipts and Purchase Orders across the office and they are not talking to each other, you are going to have situations where you will have costs in Inventory Control that won’t make sense.

Which why it is important when you run DEP. Just because it is called Day End Processing, does not mean you have to do it at the end of the day. You can run DEP anytime and have it constantly running throughout the day. In fact, we suggest that you run DEP every time you run a transaction or when you do not need to use your computer for other tasks (for example,
overnight) because depending on your computer and the number of transactions entered since the last time DEP was run, it can take some time to complete. By always running DEP, you keep your Inventory Control audit trail and reports up to date Click this link to see the video that shows you Day End Processing in action:

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