Time and Cost to Support Business Units

  • Systems are not integrated?
  • How much time do you spend writing interfaces between the systems?
  • Do you ever have to write special reports to retrieve information from the different systems?
  • How much time does that take?
  • How often do you get special requests from sales, customer service or marketing?
  • Are they satisfied with the time it takes you to deliver?
  • It is time consuming to initially set up and modify applications?
  • How flexible is the set up process?
  • How often are there changes? Is it because of changes in the business structure?
  • Policies? What are some of the changes? How long do they take?
  • Have you had to add business intelligence? Develop reports? How long do these take? Have you had to redo changes?
  • It is time consuming installing and maintaining the software upgrades?
  • Is it because you have multiple offices and remote users?
  • How often are changes, and upgrades made?
  • It is time consuming to develop customized reports? How many do you do?
  • How long does it take? What types of reports are prepared?
  • It is time consuming managing security of users today?
  • How do you set permissions on what users can do? What happens if there is an organizational change?
  • If a manager leaves? Do you have to reassign everyone to the new manager and reassign permissions? How much time does that take?

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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