Uncovering Hidden Sales Opportunities

Uncovering Hidden Sales Opportunities

Did you know that without an online feedback system that provides salespeople real-time data on their sales and commissions, you can lose thousands and even millions of dollars in lost sales?

Salespeople need the ability to review their numbers frequently. It is more important than just feeling of accomplishment. Accurate data about where to focus their efforts is key to maximizing their sales efforts.

The salesperson portal is such a system.


A salesperson portal is a secure website or mobile app where a salesperson signs in to receive real-time information about their sales and commissions.

Fishing Where the Fish Are

Salespeople work hard to achieve their weekly targets. And, there are many opportunities for them to succeed. Knowing where these opportunities are is important.

In a salesperson portal, salespeople can clearly see which customers are the best based on past sales and buying patterns. They can also review past sales to figure out the best ways to sell each item.

Adapting and Learning

Key performance indicators shedding light on how each salesperson is doing is key to helping them adapt quickly to changes in customer demand and buying preferences. Even if a salesperson kept a personal journal of their own activities, it is critical for them to see how certain activities have translated into results that impact your bottom line.

Selling vs. Strategizing

With the salesperson portal, the salesperson is able to pause and switch his focus from selling to strategizing their efforts periodically. Rather than waiting for the boss to turn their attention to what’s working and what needs work, the salesperson portal empowers your salesperson to supervise themselves and strategize their efforts to maximize their impact on your bottom line.

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