You Need to Review, Update, and Share HR Data

In the conference room are meeting: Clifford (CEO), Christian (CFO), Irene (IT Manager),
Simon (Sales Manager), Hanna (HR Manager) and Paul (Purchasing Manager)

The Agenda title:

You Need to Review, Update, and Share HR Data

The issue is that the company needs to cut costs and free up resources by eliminating process-oriented inefficiencies.

Although it varies from company to company, you might want to examine the following:

  • Can managers review training, compensation, and performance history with ease?
  • How many calls and e-mails with basic information questions come to HR every day?
  • Can employees review and update contact, emergency, benefits, and other HR data by themselves?
  • Where do you post job openings and make them available to internal candidates?
  • How do hiring managers review internal and external applicant status for posted jobs?

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