Production Planning

The Shop Floor Control (S/C) module allows users to record time entries and shop transactions of MO operations.  It provides detailed  production data between the release of MO to the receipt of MO order quantity.

Shop transactions include the setting up of the work station to the actual runtime  and receipt of operation output.  In addition, S/C also tracks the occurrence of station downtime (e.g. machine breakdown) and occasional indirect stoppage (e.g. meetings).

The S/C module effectively replaces the production logs with an online system linked to the MO data of M/F.  With M/F, AutoSimply S/C provides management with operation status updates and periodic  operation efficiencies and work station utilization data.

Main Features

Shop Floor Time Entries

  • Option to use either time from-to entries or stop-start entry mode
  • Users enter the daily time records for each operation in the MO (e.g. 9 am to 10 am)
  • Types of time entry option include Setup, Runtime, Downtime, Indirect Stoppage and Rework
  • Option to enter shift, operator and station information used in actual MO operation

Fully Integrated with M/F

  • Shop entries are linked to MO operations based on BOM routing information
  • M/F MO Entry determines list of operations involved in MO processing
  • MO Operation work centers determines possible work stations for use in MO processing

Shift – Operator Maintenance

  • Define unlimited number of shift records
  • Define unlimited number of operator records
  • Assign users into shifts for grouping and reporting

Station Maintenance

  • Define unlimited number of stations
  • Used to identify a machine or work station within a work center
  • Define a standard number of work hours per station per day

Reason Code Maintenance

  • Define unlimited number of reason codes for use during shop transaction entry
  • Supports the following reason types – Downtime, Indirect Stoppage or Rework
  • Reason codes are group by Work Center to minimize list of choices during shop entry

Shop User Maintenance

  • Define user ID’s and log-on information for the Shop Transaction Screen
  • Option to define default operator, operation, work center and station per user
  • Determines the time entry method to be used
  • Shop Users are independent of Sage 300 User ID’s

Station Idle Time Calculation

  • Automatic calculation of total idle time per station
  • Calculation considers total setup, runtime, rework, downtime and stoppage and compares versus standard station hours
  • Station utilization is compared against standard utilization rates for the Work Center

Resource Cost Allocation

  • Supports cost allocation to MO records based on user entered costs values
  • Cost allocation can be by Shop Hours as entered in Shop Floor or by Material Cost
  • Option to generate G/L entries during posting
  • Option to update MO Actual Cost column in MO Entry

Reporting & Inquiries

  • MO Shop Hours Query
  • Station Shop Hours Query
  • MO Operation Shop Query
  • Shop Entries by Operator Query