Automated Monitoring

Let’s cut to the chase – in IT support you need to know exactly what’s going on and where. Effective, reliable systems monitoring is the only way to get accurate insight into your business’ networks and to deliver a valuable cost-effective service. Armed with aimINSIGHT and real-time info on system status you get to stop small problems in their tracks before they become expensive disasters.


  • Most granular pricing in your business industry
  • Pay-as-you-use – only pay for features you need
  • Cloud-based – no hardware, software or system admin overhead
  • Incredibly easy to use – you’ll be up and running in minutes
  • Free training and tech support



So what does it cover? Pretty much most devices and services that you need to monitor:

  • Remote server monitoring
  • SNMP & network monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Mobile monitoring
  • Cloud app monitoring
  • Workstations monitoring
  • … and of course, VM monitoring

That’s a lot of monitoring from such a small, nimble piece of kit – but given that it’s the backbone of your business (and ours), you expect it.



With aimINSIGHT, you can script, execute, and track custom maintenance tasks. This becomes an awesomely powerful tool, helping you to grow your business by being able to meet individual business needs.

The really great news is that we’re committed to ongoing work on extending the aimINSIGHT scripts library – It’s a brilliant way for aimINSIGHT businesses to share scripts between themselves or submit them to us for testing and potential inclusion in the core product.