Reporting Guides

Greater visibility and better business decisions with Business Intelligence

In this white paper, we will explore some of the specific data challenges businesses are currently facing, and discuss how modern Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help you uncover new opportunities,

Financial savvy for small business owners – 5 ways your financials can help you run your business better

Studies show that data is growing at a rapid rate of 56% yearly yet most small business owners are struggling to make accurate and informed decisions/. That contribute to the success of their business because it’s difficult to make sense of so much data.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting: Straight talk about replacing FRx®

With Microsoft FRx® retired and support for it no longer available. Companies that have been using FRx for Sage 100 and 500 ERP have been presented with the opportunity. To re-evaluate their reporting guide requirements and upgrade to a solution designed for today’s connected and global economy.

Get the insight you need using the tools you know

A recent Aberdeen Group report found that small and midsized businesses faced the same problems when dealing with business information every day:

Making sense of Business Intelligence in the mid-market: Why Sage Intelligence right fit for you

At some stage Business Intelligence (BI) solutions only catered for large businesses requiring complex reporting guides whilst midsized (and small) businesses relied on Microsoft® Excel® worksheets for data manipulation and analysis.

The two types of Business Intelligence: What they are, why they’re needed, and how “Operational BI” works

The overriding purpose of Business Intelligence (BI) software is to deliver relevant information to people. So that they can make better business decisions. Intelligent data should be available to managerial and non-managerial staff to equip everyone in a company with information. That will empower them to better deliver on their daily tasks, whether they be strategic or operational.