How We Plan

The project plan is based on five steps

Phase 1 – Initiation and Entry

Our goal is to meet with the designated project manager and understand the project charter. We have attached a template here for you to use. We can also assist you with preliminary ROI (Return on Investment) calculations as initial feasibility analysis and cost-benefit analysis.

Phase 2 – Discovery and Dialogue

Our goal at this phase is to understand the problems to be solved. We “peel the layer off the onion” by interviewing various key players and gain insight into the causes and nature of the problem. This is the phase where all issues are discussed and brought to light. There are three valuable documents used for this phase.

They are as follows:

1. Scope Plan – What needs to be done? When should it be done? What resources are needed?

2. Resource Plan – Detailed plan of resources required

3. Risk Analysis Plan – Both positive and negative risks are identified, and mitigation and probability of each occurrence is planned.

Phase 3 -Feedback and the Decision to Act

The completion of Phase 3 allows the client to make a decision. We provide you with the following documents:

1. Activity Plan – List of steps that need to occur, the sequence in which they need to occur, and the estimated duration of each. This is the project schedule.

2. Quality Plan – Level of quality required.

3. Communication Plan – This is the people plan, regarding who will be in the communication loop.

Phase 4 -Engagement and Implementation

Here the implementation, development, prototyping, and testing is done and forms the heart of the action plan. All changes are documented using the following:

1. Issues list
2. Change Requests
3. Checklists
4. Completion sign-offs

Phase 5 – Extension, Recycle, or Termination

Based on your requirements, we can terminate the agreement as the project is completed. We can also extend changes and additional improvement as it is identified.

We use the following documents in this phase:

1. System Commencement Survey
2. After Action Review