Business Disaster Recovery Solutions


Disaster can strike when you least expect it.

  • Business data storage is growing exponentially
  • Data loss can cripple a business
  • Most small businesses lack a disaster recovery plan for their data
  • Tapes are not always reliable!

How safe is your Data?

  • Are you sure your backups really work?
  • Would your business survive a fire, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or even a simple server hardware failure?
  • Having any doubts?

The Warp 8 Solution

  • Fast Recovery of files
  • Virtualization of failed servers decreasing downtime from days to hours
  • Offsite storage ensuring data security and meeting regulations
  • Built-in archiving to rid yourself of costly tapes, offsite storage facilities, and downtime while waiting on restores
  • 24X7x365 Monitoring and Management ensuring data integrity
  • Our service is a business continuity plan
  • Fix errors before server failure occurs
  • Date Encryption for security
  • Data backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes