Procure To Pay

Save the day with our Procure To Pay expertise and never run low on materials again. Manage the flow of data between your inventory and your supplier with our PTP process—automatically.

PTP automates the purchase of your essential raw materials. In many ways, PTP is the lifeblood of your business. It ensures you always purchase the correct materials and that they’re in stock when you need them. You never have to turn a customer away as a result of low stock. Your business will flow smoothly and efficiently with all the materials you need to provide outstanding customer service.

Did you know that humans have an average error rate of 5% when they perform complex tasks? Don’t leave your crucial PTP processes vulnerable to human error. Rely on a competent consultant to automate your processes for success. Many of our customers report a 40% – 90% reduction in order processing time—with 95% fewer ordering problems.

Our PTP software interacts with your materials provider and includes vendor selection, quotes, purchasing, goods receipts, invoicing, and payment. Stay ahead of the game with an intelligent, automated PTP solution with aimINSIGHT Solutions, Inc.