Reporting EBooks

Keep your eye on the prize:
Five strategies to get better business visibility

Businesses need more visibility across the organization and it’s regularly cited as one of the top reasons why a company shops for a new software solution.

The executive’s guide to business visibility: Predicting

To succeed in today’s climate, it’s important to understand what might happen in the future—so you can prepare for it, control it, and take action today to attain tomorrow’s goals.


This guide explores why analyzing your business is important, common obstacles to adopting analytics, and the related technologies organizations should look to implement.


This guide explores the essential types of reports you need to run your business, as well as related best practices for hot-button issues such as securing financing, preventing profit erosion, and reducing risk.


How do well-run companies deploy mobile solutions? What are the most important considerations before purchasing tablets, smartphones, and mobile solutions?

Unlocking the door to complete business visibility eBook

This eBook will highlight the issues your business may be facing in terms of visibility, and will explain how equipping yourself with a worthwhile reporting solution can solve them.