Spreadsheets to Software

Excel and paper based manual systems could cost you more than you think.

Decrease Costs

Once you’ve gone through the process of improving your operational efficiency, you’ll start to see costs decline and once- leaking revenue remain on your bottom line where it belongs. Consider these examples:

The cost of a customer complaint: When you have full visibility from order entry to order fulfillment, your customer service and sales representatives have more control and can confidently make promises about stock availability and shipping dates without having to say a little prayer under their breath.

The cost of unpaid invoices: When you can send your invoices through secure, instant electronic channels and monitor their status through dashboards and alerts, you’ll save thousands over a year and potentially millions over five years.

Increase Profitability

After stopping the initial revenue leaks by tightening up your workflow to increase operational efficiency, you’ll see your operational costs begin to decrease. Now that your investment can be maximized, it’s time to use this position of strength as a launching pad into greater sustainable profits and growth.

When all of your company data is efficiently stored, we can help you set up secure, web-based dashboards to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will show whether you’re heading in the right direction. Think of the dashboard as a rudder for your ship. You’ll know which way to turn and have the leverage to change course quickly when needed.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators like these every day in real-time along with your morning coffee:

  • Has any of my inventory dropped below the desired level?
  • Do I have any unpaid invoices?
  • What trends are emerging?
  • A particular product selling better than usual?
  • Are my shipments arriving on time? (leading to happy customers)
  • Are any of my sales reps dropping below their usual performance?

Streamline Processes

You pay a premium for your employees’ time. From every keystroke in your accounting department to every box of inventory picked and loaded for delivery – the clock is ticking. Your investment is either being maximized by your processes or lost.

Some examples of processes that may be costing you time and money:


  • Manual data entry into bulky spreadsheets
  • Duplication of data management efforts due to unintegrated systems
  • Unpaid invoices that go unnoticed
  • Spending time collecting and compiling data for monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Sales staff calling to check on the availability of inventory requested by a customer

The expert consultants at aimInsight spend time with you analyzing your workflow looking for areas of inefficiency that may be costing you thousands each month. The solutions available today and their reasonable cost will be a pleasant surprise.

Transform Spreadsheets to Software

Do you find your Field service, scheduling, timekeeping, and accounting software inadequate to your daily dispatch, scheduling, tracking, managing, and controlling all the moving parts in your business? We have seen our client create spreadsheets to bridge the gap. If so, please speak to our team.

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