What can a Strategic Partnership with aimINSIGHT do for you?


What Mid-Sized Companies Tell Us


Inventory Visibility

Make sure that Operations and Accounting  have matching data, that the inventory in stock is accurately reflected in the accounting system.

Inventory In Stock

Keep better track of quantities and warehouse locations through bar coding, which will improve inventory accuracy, reduce picking, shipping and receiving errors.


PL Group would like to ensure their new system can support the reporting they currently require, but with more accuracy and with time-saving automation.

Order Tracking

Currently there is no system in place to track shipments in DSL or FedEx. This feature would greatly increase their ability to provide better customer service.

Order Processing: B2B



Order Processing: Recurring Orders



Order Processing: Customer Credit

Many companies have thousands of clients throughout the US with different credit terms.

Order Processing: Sales Team

What We Can Do

aimINSIGHT Software Architecture allows companies to operate from multiple locations with a single server with its unique browser-enabled technology.

  • We can provide accurate forecasting and show real-time immediate availability of products, including
  • Inventory at other locations
  • Inventory at sea
  • Calculate inventory lead time at vendor warehouses.

This customization will also achieve retail and material handling compliance and improve labor efficiency with automated picking and put-away.

aimINSIGHT’S integrated software will provide reporting and can be used by multiple teams located in different countries.


  • Track products at sea for advance booking of orders
  • Calculate true cost including import duties, brokerage charges and freight.
  • aimINSIGHT understands the unique issues when selling to other businesses. The close attention to customer history, pricing, profits, delivery promises are all available during order processing.
  • Medical supplies, Dental and General Merchandise are high volume business requiring software that assists the salesperson with recurring orders:
  • Identifying products that clients have forgotten to order.
  • Incorporate demand planning, gap analysis, and forecasting to increase sales.
  • aimINSIGHT provides a very powerful customer credit terms system which includes prepayment and installment payment.
  • We also provide real-time reports instantly warning of late payments and other credit issues to help PL Group sell to creditworthy customers.
  • aimOrderDesk automatically calculates commissions
  • Tracks and monitors discounts
  • Prepares Sales tax analysis
  • Provides management with sales team analysis

What you can expect.

Step 1: Getting To Know You

Although we are experts in industry best-practices, we take pride in never recommending a one-size-fits-all strategy for any of our clients when it comes to inventory optimization. We send not only a technology expert but a non-technical consultant to your warehouse to learn day-to-day operations and become intimately familiar with a day in the life of your business processes.

Step 2: Securing Your Data’s Infrastructure

Next, we bring our findings and work with your leadership team to ensure a secure infrastructure for your data. We work together with your IT department or can function as your IT staff if that is your preference. Our resources include state-of-the-art data warehousing, secure nightly backups, and more.

Step 3: Building Reports-Old and New

Reporting can be time-consuming, but with your data newly stored and streamlined, we can take the reports you already rely on and automate them for instant access. We also help you build new custom reports that would have been more difficult to produce if your staff was compiling them manually. With your new inventory optimization system in place, from data entry to reporting, you will never again duplicate efforts or perform manual tasks that could be avoided through automation.

Step 4: Building Your Real-Time Dashboard View

We provide you with a means to monitor your company’s health through the use of a secure, web-based, custom dashboard. You will be able to assess your company’s progress each day in real-time with your morning coffee. We specialize in the Balanced Scorecard approach, so we don’t recommend watching outcome-based indicators. We can help you choose Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that act as a rudder to a ship – showing you in real-time how you can change course and stay agile in rough seas.

Next Steps

The sky’s the limit. Ask us about our expert customizations.

Feel free to contact us at any time at 855-246-7519 or email us at [email protected]. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have and brainstorm with you about issues unique to your company that you don’t see addressed here. Our expert team of programmers can create custom extensions to Accpac that will bring a new level of efficiency you never thought possible.