Making The Move

Straight talk about selecting the right solution to support your company’s growth requirements.

QuickBooks provided the basic bookkeeping capabilities you needed to start your company. But things have changed. You have more customers. More employees. More complexity. In short, your small business isn’t so small anymore. So how do you make the move to a more powerful accounting solution? First things first: It’s critical to gather all the facts before you make a decision. The new system can impact nearly everyone in your company, so each decision is critical. It pays to be meticulous.

At Sage Software, we’ve been responding to the needs, challenges, and dreams of small and midsized businesses for more than 25 years. Our experience gives us firsthand knowledge of the issues and pressure you face every day. This insight, along with the conversations we’ve had with many of our 2.3 million customers, has helped us assemble this guide. Making the move: What to do when you’ve outgrown QuickBooks is designed to give you smart, unbiased tips as you prepare to make the move to a more powerful accounting solution.