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Are You Protecting the Right Data with the Right Backup Solution?

Backup Solution

Backup Disaster Recovery is something all businesses need to have in case of disaster. Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a tornado, a hardware failure, or even an attack from a hacker, you need to be protected. Any one of these could permanently disable your business if you aren’t prepared with a proper backup solution plan. For those of you still backing up data manually on tapes, or not at all, we hope you have read our previous blogs and are ready to add a BDR to your safety net. You’re finally ready to purchase a BDR. You’ve done…

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The Order of Things: Day End Processing

As we continue to explore the Inventory Control module in Sage 300 ERP, this week’s blog is going to outline the order that Day End Processing takes once you run it. The main purpose of Day End Processing (DEP) is to move a lot of processing away from dataentry. You would use DEP to update your Inventory Control data, the transaction and audit data for Order Entry and Purchase Orders. When you post Inventory Control transactions, the program always updates the affected item quantities in your system, so you always know what you have in stock. Also, there is a…

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You may be new to returns but not your business.

If you’re new to using Managed Returns, here is some support to help you understand theManaged Returns primary features and functionality. Introduction to Avatax: Get an overview of each tab in AvaTax and your account’s basic setup.Set_up_AvaTax_Update Schedule Returns: Set up the tax return forms’ filing frequency for each state your company files. Your scheduled returns give us the data needed to file on your behalf and show each scheduled filing detail.Schedule_returns Manage your return schedule: The summary of your monthly tax activity and liability by state gives up-to-date financial data for analysis and reconciliation with your business application.Edit_your_scheduled_returns Manage…

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Configuring the Sage 300 Portal Database

About Creating System, Company, and Portal Databases Sage 300 classic desktop screens and Sage 300cloud web screens both support using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send documents via email. You can set up your SMTP server or use an SMTP service such as SendGrid. If you prefer, you can set up Sage 300 desktop screens to send email using Microsoft Outlook. However, Sage 300cloud web screens can send email only via SMTP. For both Sage 300 desktop screens and Sage 300cloud web screens, you use the Email tab on the Company Profile screen to enter the default email settings…

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Sage 300 2021 – Upgrade Guide

This Upgrade Guide provides instructions for upgrading earlier versions of System Manager and applications to Sage 300 2021. You should review the following sections carefully to ensure that the upgrade proceeds smoothly: • Minimum System Requirements• Version Compatibility• Upgrading from Version 5.5 or Earlier• Applying for Activation Codes• Before Upgrading to Sage 300 2021• Upgrade Steps• After Activating• Configuring Sage 300 Web Screens You should refer to the Sage 300 2021 Release Notes for information about changes and new features in this version and supplementary information and information that was not available when this Upgrade Guide was published. If you…

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Virtual Office: Can You Gain Mobility?

In our last article, we discussed the security benefits of using a virtual office. In this blog, we’ll cover how a virtual office can help to make your job easier and more enjoyable. Let’s face it, you can have a beautiful corner office — but it’s still an office. Very few normal human beings enjoy being stuck in an office let alone commuting to one everyday. Thankfully, it seems that physical offices are becoming sparser these days for a wide variety of reasons. Virtual Office: Why Consider Mobility? Many of you reading this might have been skeptical about the idea of a…

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