Difficulty Understanding the Company’s Financial Position and Trends

  • You are unable to drill down to the GL financial details.
  • You did not get the GL transaction detail today.
  • It takes long.
  • It could be one or multiple reports.
  • There is need for formatting.
  • There is an impact if you don’t get it on time.
  • You need to view your financial information in graphical formats.
  • You will need tools to use when viewing the information in graphs.
  • You would like to be able to manipulate the graphical data so that you can isolate and compare key measures against each other.
  • Accounting has difficulty closing books on time?
  • They have to manually audit or balance reports.
  • The reports do not always include all of the account numbers from your GL?
  • You need to make sure your reports don’t include an account number multiple times.
  • Reports from accounting are inaccurate.
  • They have to constantly update information such as dates or add information, such as new account numbers.
  • There is an impact if they don’t properly display the correct header information on reports.
  • If adding a new account number to the chart of accounts, you must remember to add that account number into your report format.
  • It does not always get done properly.
  • Finance and accounting need to manually schedule the running and distribution of reports.
  • Different media is required.

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