Poor Hiring Decisions

  • You manually track resumes and applications. The amount you receive makes it take too long to review them and look back for information amongst applicants. The hiring manager’s method of getting the information he/she needs is inefficient.
  • You cannot generate enough different kinds of reports today. There are some that you’d like to generate but can’t. It would help to have reports on how many interviews a candidate went through and see notes from the interviews, source of the candidates (newspaper, referral, etc.), and reports that show skills of internal employees who may be candidates. You are unable to answer questions quickly upon request, based on accurate and concrete data. It takes too long to access and compile information that is needed.
  • You have no clear method of ensuring consistency in interviews. You do not have standard forms that you use for interviews and other events. It takes too long to create these from scratch and you need someone to create them.
  • You do not track employee skills, certifications, etc. or training course enrollment and completion. You have no way of knowing you’re promoting or hiring the best person for a position. If you’ve hired externally, you have no way of knowing there wasn’t someone internal who could have filled the job and been a better fit.
  • You have no clear method of keeping track of open positions, so it is difficult to tell how many open positions you have in a year. The way you match skill sets with job requisitions is inefficient, and so is the process when they become an employee for tracking information.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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