Difficulty Managing Employee Expenses

  • Not all employees expense transactions are manually entered.
  • Additional time is needed to enter the data and create expense reports.
  • There are data entry errors.
  • Transactions could be missed.
  • It is difficult to accurately manage the expenses.
  • There are delays in employees getting reimbursed for expense reports.
  • Uncertain whether approval process is manual.
  • Expense reports are late and stolen.
  • Accounting spends time manually entering employee expenses.
  • It is difficult to accurately manage the expenses.
  • You have a manual process of auditing and reviewing expense reports.
  • You manually enforce T&E policies after expense reports are submitted.
  • Policies are cumbersome.
  • They are re uniformly enforced.
  • They are difficult to enforce.
  • There is overspending on T&E expenses.
  • There are errors.
  • It takes time to make necessary changes or send back to employee for corrections.
  • Expense reports are manually coded and keyed into system.
  • Coding is redundant.
  • You have re-keying.
  • There are errors.
  • Expenses sometimes are overstated.
  • Manually splitting receipts do not always hit the correct accounts.
  • It is difficult managing expenses.
  • Your employee expense reporting is cumbersome.
  • It is paper based.
  • The reporting is done on line.
  • Employees have to use their Internet connection to enter their expenses.
  • It is difficult to get on line.

About the Author: AJ Amjad Khanmohamed

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