Increased Inventory Cost

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You do not have the information necessary to forecast and meet demands. – You have to maintain excessive inventory because you cannot anticipate demand. Your inventory valuation has not increased enough this year, and it has not met your target dollar value. – Your sales and marketing departments do not run specials and promotions. TheyContinue Reading

High Inventory Costs

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You manually track orders and may use a program such as Excel. It is difficult to deal with the issue of items being out of stock. You need to wait until the stock is replenished and manually enter the order at that time. You need to manually track inventory costs through a manual process. YouContinue Reading

Inventory Costs

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Inventory Costs You lack the tools and information to optimize your purchasing. You cannot forecast far into the future. Your forecasts are not accurate. Unknown forecasts based on history or sales projections. Unknown seasonal inventory. Your vendors’ performance have decreased over the past year. You do not send bids to your vendors. Of multi siteContinue Reading