Declining Market Share

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It is difficult to access and research customer demographics for developing promotions and campaigns, and your approach to determining which promotions or campaigns to put together is complex and often ineffective. On average, you spend a lot on promotion/campaign. It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and your current approach to that processContinue Reading

Billing Process Inefficient

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You manually create invoices, and this takes too much time. It delays billing and is an error-prone process. The process used to correct them is inefficient and delays payment by too long. Your customers require a different level of detail on their invoices. Your approach to doing that today is inefficient. You have to manuallyContinue Reading

Missed Ship Dates

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Estimated ship dates are inaccurate, so a high percentage of orders miss their ship dates. This is costing you too much in shipping costs, canceled orders, and customer satisfaction. Your sales department do not have the ability to see forecasted ship dates while entering an order. Changes in orders are not communicated in a timelyContinue Reading