Road to success with B2B eCommerce

Road to success with B2B eCommerce

Road to success with B2B eCommerce

Managing a B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce business is more complicated than traditional B2C (Business to Consumer) eCommerce and has these challenges:

  • The wide payment methods are PO., Check, ACH, Terms, Quote. 
  •  They have numerous variants for each product, even custom needs.
  • B2B eCommerce inbound sales depend on their website in achieving their sales.
  • Consider outbound sales as they play a big part in driving larger deals.

b2b ecommerce

B2B eCommerce road to success now plays a big part in businesses. It is growing at an aggressive rate between 21 – 41%. The acquisition of eCommerce is now prioritized more than the traditional face-to-face store.

Even eCommerce faces numerous challenges. Many businesses do not have the means to implement and sustain an eCommerce business. 47% are integrating eCommerce with their traditional sales models. 52% are still developing the right business model, and 62% are searching for the right technology. Aside from technology, businesses rely on 3rd party support for guidance – 59% for implementation. 55% for the ongoing management, and 48% for strategy.
b2b ecommerce

A lot of businesses will continue to invest in eCommerce. They will follow the online sales craze, and it is expected that income will go up. Around 42% of businesses are investing in site optimization for tablets or smartphones. 59% are expanding their network internationally with focused sites in regions. And to stay competitive, 65% partnered with Amazon, 58% increased their online investment, 46% widened their online offers, 35% partners with other businesses and 31% reduced their online prices.


B2B Buyers wants valuable services

Motivated by their online buying experiences, they are demanding multichannel capabilities when making work-related purchases. 49% prefer to make work-related purchases on the same websites they go to for personal purchases – 32% start their research on brand manufacturer sites and 25% on search engines. B2B clients expect next-day delivery or an estimated time of item delivery. They want helpful services to support their shopping experience: self-service accounts, store locators, personalized product recommendations, and reviews.

b2b ecommerce

About the Author:

Shella Ross Mapendan – writer,  together with Amjad  “AJ” Khan Mohammed (owner) of aimINSIGHT Solutions have been helping small to medium size companies in their Digital processing transformations.

They have developed an innovative process that combines technology with a library of best practices, resulting in a solution that is affordable, easy to implement, and will significantly extend your current business software capability.

“Camibot from aimINSIGHT is a series of bespoke applications designed to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks for employee teams and assist with EDI process automation.”

B2B eCommerce Implementation Challenges

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