TrueCommerce is the only EDI solution exclusively endorsed and distributed by Sage for Sage 100, 300 and 500 ERP.

EDI in the Cloud for Sage 300
Select the only EDI solution endorsed by Sage

TrueCommerce is the only EDI solution endorsed and exclusively distributed by Sage. Our Transaction Manager™ software is endorsed for Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500 ERP.

Our web-based EDI integration with your Sage 300 system makes it simple and affordable to comply with your trading partners’ EDI requirements, while increasing automation and reducing manual data entry and costly chargebacks. The TrueCommerce EDI platform provides the peace of mind that comes from selecting a solution that delivers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability.

Customer success integrating EDI with Sage 300

Signature Marketing and Manufacturing, Inc., a New Jersey company that produces glues and adhesives, needed to upgrade its Sage 300 (formerly Accpac) system to comply with new package-labeling requirements mandated by one of its largest trading partners. After bad experiences with two EDI providers, Signature also needed a new EDI solution.

TrueCommerce replaced Signature’s unreliable and expensive EDI system with a cost-effective, end-to-end solution.

“TrueCommerce offers a great product and their support folks are knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with,” said Signature CFO Hala Assile.

Comprehensive Sales Integration Maximizes Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
The intuitive, web-based TrueCommerce sales order integration automates the exchange of sales orders, accounts receivable invoices, advance ship notices (ASNs), credit invoices and purchase order acknowledgements between Sage 300 and your EDI system. No more rekeying order data!

Built-in controls ensure that unit pricing, purchase order numbers and items are validated before processing transactions to Sage 300. Also, TrueCommerce EDI validates fields and alerts you to any missing data before sending a document to a trading partner, helping to eliminate errors and optimize turnaround time on orders.

Purchasing Support Streamlines Connectivity with Suppliers
TrueCommerce EDI for Sage 300 makes it easy and affordable to transact EDI with your suppliers, so you can place orders faster without sacrificing accuracy. Purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, shipments and invoices can be fully integrated between TrueCommerce EDI and Sage 300, eliminating time-consuming manual effort.

Our comprehensive integration with Sage 300’s purchase order module includes outbound purchase orders, updates to purchase orders, inbound receipts and inbound invoices. You can update Sage 300 purchase orders from suppliers’ order acknowledgements, import ASNs to receive against the original purchase order, and create a receipt of invoice upon importing an invoice.

Warehouse Support Enables Even Greater Productivity
Integration of key warehouse transactions between Sage 300 and TrueCommerce EDI automates communication to accelerate shipping and eliminate costly errors. Our built-in shipment module with auto-pack functionality makes it easy to automatically package shipments and create ASNs, including support for customer- and item-specific packaging rules. You can also auto-pack shipments by quantity for key customers.

To further streamline shipping processes, the optional TrueCommerce EDI labeling add-on automates printing of GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) labels directly from your EDI solution to meet specific customer needs.

Maximize Automation with TrueCommerce Scheduler
The popular TrueCommerce Schedule add-on lets you automate and schedule any integrated transactions between TrueCommerce EDI and Sage 300. For example, you can pre-schedule tasks like exporting purchase orders from EDI to create sales orders, or importing invoices from Sage 300 into the EDI system. You can even automatically export a shipment to receive against the original purchase order and create a receipt of invoice document for dropship orders.

Once scheduled, documents are automatically processed without the need to open either application. TrueCommerce EDI will notify you via email if an exception occurs, while you stay focused on other important work.